Iobit Smart Defrag 7.4 Pro License Key Free [Best Disk Optimizer]

Optimize your hard drive’s performance with this best disk optimizer. For Windows operating systems, it analyzes and defragments drives faster. It should not seem strange to you if you use a laptop computer with a traditional hard drive.

As soon as you install a hard drive, you will find that all your app installations to data copies will be allocated to contiguous parts of the disk. You may end up spreading your data across several options of the drive moving and deleting data over time.

Iobit Smart Defrag 7.4 Pro License Key Free [Best Disk Optimizer]

Fragmented hard drives create file fragments all over your desktop, slowing down your PC since most files are found in many places. While you can use Windows’ defragmentation built-in to the software to optimize your drive when defragmenting, it will reorder the contents of your hard drive.

With this application, third-party software with dedicated and more flexible features is likely to produce better results. Disk optimizers optimized for maximum performance like Smart Defrag are reliable, stable, yet easy-to-use.

The Smart Defrag slows your disk data access by intelligently determining how your files are used to streamline files on their frequency. This is unlike traditional disk defragmenters that only provide defragmentation. Defragmenting your drive meanwhile can be done automatically with this software.

Iobit Smart Defrag New Features:

Best PC Optimizer for Windows

A redesigned user interface is part of the updated version of Smart Defrag 7, high-resolution displays can be used with it. A new defragmentation engine in Smart Defrag enables it to trim the SSD and defrag the HDD to enhance disk performance and durability.

Using the software on Windows 10 will also bring you quick data access thanks to special optimizations of the file organization algorithm. Defragmenting the Windows registry & files during boot time can help free up RAM and help the system run more smoothly.

Your disks will always perform at their optimal level with the Auto Defrag and Scheduled Defrag features. Monitor the disk status in real-time with the Disk Health module.

Added the UI & Functions System:

Smart Defrag

In addition to offering information on the available space of the file system, the main screen lets you select which drives to target. Defragmentation can be toggled on and off for all hard disk drives, including disk cleanup and automatic.

Also, you can just click the Smart optimize button, which will analyze your HDD first, and then use the most appropriate defrags system to defragment it and then trim the SSD drive, which should not be the defrag-like hard drive.

This Iobit tool also offers other useful features such as Large Files Defragment and Game Optimizer. It is possible to improve the performance of a game by reducing the loading time. Additionally, you can defragment registry data files before starting the system, as well as files that cannot be modified while it’s running.

It moves frequently used files to the fastest storage areas on your HDD for faster access and optimizes the hard disk drive to speed up your PC.

How to Get Iobit Smart Defrag 7.4 Pro License Key Free [Best Disk Optimizer]?

Step-1: First, you need to download the Installer From HERE.
Step-2: Next, download the installer and completed the installation process.
Note: You can avoid installing additional apps by selecting skip it (No thanks) during installation.
Step-3: You can enter a code below (GIF IMAGE) the activate now button in the app once you launch it.
Iobit Smart Defrag 7 System
Final Word: It offers advanced features to optimize your HDD and move frequently used files to locations with fast access for rapid PC speed. Iobit Smart Defrag 7 provides a powerful alternative to Windows disk defragmenter. The license is valid for six months and is not for commercial use. The same major version of the software will be updated for free every six months. The software will not be supported for free.

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