Best Call Blocker App for Android [Stop Unwanted Call]

I’m sharing here, The best Call Blocker App 2023 Free Download. In the modern time of technology, the mobile phone is a great way to connect with others. You can join other people within a short time across the country. You can call them, send an SMS and you can also send your photos to your friends and family members. So, the mobile phone is necessary for our everyday life.
Best Call Blocker App
But sometimes receiving an SMS or call from a stranger or unknown person it may be disturbing for us or harmful to us. Sometimes unknown people threaten or annoy you by mobile call or SMS. Don’t worry! In the modern time of technology different types of apps are available for blocking incoming calls and SMS.

But which is best for you that you don’t know? For these purposes today I am going to discuss Best Call Blocking Apps for Android.

Best Call Blocker App 2023 Free –

1. Calls Blacklist:

Calls Blacklist is the best free call blocker app for Android users. By the use, this Blacklist you can quickly stop receiving SMS can call from unexpected people. It comes with call and SMS filtering features.

• It allows you to block SMS and calls from unwanted sources.
• It can save your battery life and enhance the speed of your phone.
• Will enable you to prevent private and hidden numbers.
• Options for Log of blocking.
• Options for turning on and off the blacklist.

Get Call Blacklist Android App – Google PlayStore

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2. Call Blocker Free:

Call Blocker is an app for blocking calls and SMS from an unauthorized device. It’s free to use. And you can get it from the Google Play Store. This lightweight app comes with many features.

• Easy to download, install, and design with a user-friendly interface.
• It allows you to block receiving calls and SMS from unauthorized devices.
• Provides white list features that help you to reach yourself.
• Support different types of language.

Get Call Blocker Android App – Google PlayStore

3. TrueCaller:

TrueCaller is perfect for those users who want to block and stop receiving calls and messages from strangers and unexpected sources. Till now more than 120 million users use this app. These are entirely free to use, but they provide the premium version also.

• Identify any unknown caller.
• It integrated search features.
• Allows you to view caller id and detailed information.
• Block unauthorized calls and SMS.
• It also blocks spam and telemarketing calls.
• Dual SIM supported.

Get TrueCaller Android App – Google PlayStore

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4. Blacklist Plus:

Blacklist Plus is a simple and effective call and SMS blocker app for Android users. It is designed with a user-friendly interface and is free to use. Before downloading let’s have a look at their cool features.

• It allows you to set a specific number with a number range.
• Hang up all types of unexpected Calls or SMS.
• You can create a white list and blacklist also.
• Saving your battery.
• Options for hang up or mute blacklist.

Get Blacklist Plus Android App – Google PlayStore

5. Call Control:

Call Control is the best and most effective call-blocking app for Android users. One exciting piece of information is that these call blocker apps already prevented more than 1 billion spam calls and SMS.

• Includes personal blacklist options that help you to block calls and SMS from a specific person.
• Provides a search option to find out caller info.
• Block calls from IRS scams, Microsoft teaches scams, grandparent scams, and more.
• Easy to download and install.
• Designed with a user-friendly interface.

Get Call Control Android App – Google PlayStore

I hope you enjoyed this article also known about the best call blocker apps for Android Smartphone Free Download. Now you need to choose your call blocker app from the earlier options. All these apps are available in Google Play Store. You can enjoy sharing this post with your friends via the social media site. If you face any problems, feel free to comment below.

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